It is possible to buy prescription-only medicines on their sites (such as weight-loss drugs and anti-depressants) with little or no diagnosis or promise of follow-up care, making it easy for people to get their hands on powerful drugs.

Moreover, some offer private e-mail additionally to discuss medications with a druggist, tools for checking interactions with other drugs, e-mail refill reminders, and tools for tracking and viewing past orders. The GPhC acknowledges that indications suggest that the general public is confused about the regulation of internet pharmacies and to that end, it has produced an internet pharmacy logo which can be displayed only by pharmacies who offer professional services registered in the United Kingdom. The World Health Organization estimates that 50% of medicines supplied from online pharmacies, which conceal their physical address, are counterfeit.

Furthermore, there are concerns that patients may use the internet to obtain medicinal products they do not need or that the medicines that are obtained may be counterfeit. We do. At fred's Pharmacy, we offer a 90-day prescription option for a number of medications. These are the drugs that account for most international prescription purchases­ — antibiotics, acne creams and blood pressure medications.

To assess drug cost and integrity, its researchers acquired samples of five common brand-name prescription drugs in their most popular dose from a variety of online pharmacies: Lipitor, Fildena, Celebrex, Nexium and Zoloft. In order to legally purchase a controlled medicine from a Mexican online pharmacy, for example, you'll need a prescription from a licensed Mexican physician in addition to the prescription from your local doc. Since 2008, the FDA has intercepted and seized a number of drugs ordered by illegal online pharmacies through the mail.

As such, federal legislation is needed to ensure full ― and legal ― access to safe, affordable daily prescription medications from legitimate, licensed Canadian pharmacies. At CPPI, we recommend patients only purchase medications from websites that have been vetted by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or PharmacyChecker, for example. About 98 percent of survey respondents said they believe ordering prescription medications from a Canadian online pharmacy is a safe option and would recommend the practice to family and friends.

Recently, my colleagues and I at the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation conducted an online survey of nearly 2,900 Americans who get their medications from Canadian pharmacies. In particular, many people safely purchase their daily prescription medications from licensed Canadian pharmacies at considerable savings. Patients who rely on drugs to treat chronic conditions ― from asthma to high cholesterol to arthritis pain ― are at the mercy of drugmakers who can charge whatever price they want This is because the U.S. doesn't have any laws or regulations in place to prevent or limit the amount of money a pharmaceutical company can charge for its medications.

From helping you manage your medications online to offering in-store immunizations, we've simplified the way you care for your family's health. But competition for customers who search for a Canadian pharmacy online is stiff, and operators of these illegal websites diversify by offering alternatives to American consumers with sites that suggest an origin in Mexico.

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